Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updated NYC coat hanger design...and table?!

In the original design, the graphic for the subway would be placed on the wall directly. This would require drilling into the wall to apply the hooks. The updated design above places the subway on a Manhattan shaped board, which contains pre-drilled holes for the hooks. I think this method is preferable.
I do like the idea of a subway map graphic that can be directly applied to a wall, but that seems to be a different product.
Should every stop by drilled on the map?
Offering hooks that are the shape of famous monuments would be fun. Prospects:
- Empire St. building
- Chrysler building
- Washington Sq. Park arch
- Grant's Tomb
- Cloisters
- Columbia Univ. library or alma mater statue
- Belvedere Castle in Central Park

Other monuments?

This object could also serve as a table. I'd imagine fewer holes would be preferable if this were the desired use. In that case, the table would come with plugs that fill in the holes. The monuments would then go upright on top of the table.

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