Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Schneider Society for Children unveils logo by Solarek Studio

The Schneider Society, a fundraising group dedicated to helping North Shore LIJ's Schneider Children's Hospital, asked the Solarek Studio to design a logo for the organization. We are honored to be involved.

The logo is two s's placed together in a mirrored reflection. This forms a heart, representing the organization' dedication to the care of children.

"Jason did a great job of creating a meaningful logo which helps exemplify the mission of our charity," said Dan Fanelli, Founder/Co-Executive Director of Schneider Society. "This will surely be an enormous help in our efforts with Schneider Children's Hospital and we look forward to working with Solarek Studio in the future."


Solarek Studio encourages you to support the children's hospital via the Schneider Society. Please visit:


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