Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Should event posters list show prices?

I've enjoyed designing the Gotham Comedy posters for the last 6 months, yet I thought one piece of important information was missing: the show prices. I had originally included these in the design, but they were scrapped.
A few weeks ago, I broached the topic with the decision makers. I suggested to them that we add prices to the posters that are displayed on both sides of the front door along the sidewalk because:
- People like to know prices, including people who like comedy.
- Comedy clubs have a so-so reputation. There always seem to be hidden charges, drink minimums, etc. This allows you to pull back the curtain and be more transparent.
- As far as i can tell, Gotham's prices are reasonable. We should be promoting that.

This week the posters go up out front of the club with prices listed. (Please see the poster above; previous posters listed no pricing information.) We'll see what happens. Let's see if passerbyes react to seeing the prices.

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