Sunday, August 22, 2010

Designers Accord pledge

I like the purpose of Designers Accord.
This is an explanation of the group's pledge:

(from Communication Arts)
The Accord is not prescriptive and calls for self-regulation. It asks that designers7 publicly declare participation in six ongoing actions:
• Initiate a dialogue about environmental and social impact and sustainable alternatives with each and every client.
• Rework client contracts to favor environmentally- and socially-responsible design and work processes.
• Provide strategic and material alternatives for sustainable design.
• Undertake a program to educate your teams about sustainability and sustainable design.
• Consider your ethical footprint. Understand the environmental impact of your firm and work to measure, manage and reduce it on an annual basis.
• Advance the understanding of environmental and social issues from a design perspective by actively contributing to the communal knowledge base for sustainable design.

Read full article at Communication Arts

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