Monday, June 8, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3-D NYC Bookcase

Concept for bookcase which is formed by NYC's subway and parks. Central Park could be a cabinet.

Manhattan table and coat hanger

This is the updated form factor for the Manhattan table and coat hanger.
As a table, it sits on four legs.
As a coat hanger, it is hung on a wall, and the hooks are placed in pre-drilled holes that fall on the subway stops.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Luxury rug maker selects Solarek Studio to design brochure

Above is the brochure I designed for the luxury rug brand Nying Zemo. The New York-based boutique produces hand-knotted rugs in Kathmandu, Nepal, that meet high quality, eco-friendly standards and is Good Weave certified (aka Rugmark), ensuring no child-labor. The top image shows the initial layout I proposed to the Nying Zemo management team. Most rug brochures show page after page of rugs. I created selling points beyond simple product shots. These points include:
- How a person would enjoy a Nying Zemo rug in his or her life. I show the rug being enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
- Where the rug can be appreciated, including: homes, offices, and hotels.
- Why Nying Zemo's rugs are better then competitors' rugs. As a lesser known brand, it was important for Nying Zemo to make clear why its better than other rugs.

I suggested the tagline "a beautiful rug makes a beautiful life," since portion of Nying Zemo sales goes to ABC Nepal (an anti-trafficking NGO).

These rugs are made from very soft wool, which is why I suggested a teddy bear as part of the imagery for the brand.

The second image set shows how I've searched for images that portray the messages we want.

People overall prefer to call people they know, especially when they are buying something. Due to this, I suggested the rug company owners put their pictures on the back of the brochure alongside the contact information. They had the idea to include a personal note with their hand written contact info. I love that idea.

I thought it important to show the breathtaking environment in which these rugs are made. The insert at the bottom shows the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

Please contact Nying Zemo (pronounced "ning-zehmo") by visiting:

New Solarek Studio travel products launched

Customers contacted us and asked for Nice, France, and Newark, New Jersey (USA) Air Wear travel bags. We invite you to find the new products here:
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