Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quote: good design = attraction

Designers Accord pledge

I like the purpose of Designers Accord.
This is an explanation of the group's pledge:

(from Communication Arts)
The Accord is not prescriptive and calls for self-regulation. It asks that designers7 publicly declare participation in six ongoing actions:
• Initiate a dialogue about environmental and social impact and sustainable alternatives with each and every client.
• Rework client contracts to favor environmentally- and socially-responsible design and work processes.
• Provide strategic and material alternatives for sustainable design.
• Undertake a program to educate your teams about sustainability and sustainable design.
• Consider your ethical footprint. Understand the environmental impact of your firm and work to measure, manage and reduce it on an annual basis.
• Advance the understanding of environmental and social issues from a design perspective by actively contributing to the communal knowledge base for sustainable design.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aluminum VIP party bracelet with global party hot spots

Inspired by night life around the world, these Admit One bracelets carry the energy of the night into the day and wardrobe.
Borrowing from what is a universal item – the wrist brand used to designate the lucky at the velvet rope – these bracelets imbue luck with a twist of the wrist. What was once ephemeral becomes an item of lasting beauty.

Design choices:
Paris. NYC. Barcelona. Buenos Aires. Ibiza. London. Los Angeles. Mexico City. Tokyo.

Color choices:
- Neon orange
- Blue
- Neon green
- Hot pink

Aluminum / Paint / Tyvek.

Jason Solarek / NYC.

Fits most female wrists and male wrists medium or smaller. 6" in total length.

Hand painted.

Customization available:
Yes. Please send us your custom city name, and we'll print it on the bracelet.


To purchase, please click here - buy bracelet

* Please note: color choices are tributes to locations, and are not endorsed by any entity.